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Union mine workers in Alabama are taking part in a historic strike, the first of its kind in four decades, accusing Warrior Met Coal of first exploiting its workers and now inspiring violence against them on the picket line. Freelance journalists are on the ground and local news has been covering the story from the start — yet more than three months into the strike, the historic labor action has not received so much as a single mention from CNN, Fox News, or MSNBC, according to a new analysis from Media Matters.

The origins of the strike lie in the 2016 takeover of a failing coal company by newcomer Warrior Met, leading to profits for the buyer alongside lower pay and loss of benefits for the workers. The miners in Tuscaloosa County, Alabama, who were caught up in the acquisition faced dramatic pay cuts and reportedly weaker safety measures for what is often ranked one of the nation’s most dangerous professions, leading to multiple charges of unfair labor practices levied against Warrior Met.

The miners said they were promised wages would increase with profits, so when management this year failed to restore pay and benefits during contract renegotiations with the workers, the United Mine Workers of America called a strike…

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