2022 Masters Leaderboard: Live coverage, Tiger Woods score, golf results today at Round 4 at the Augusta National

Augusta, GA – This year’s best golfers in the world will compete in a green jacket on the line on Sunday at the 2022 Masters. Scotty Scheffler, the 36-hole and 54-hole leader, saw his advantage narrow but nonetheless would enter the Augusta National final by three strokes ahead of Cameron Smith. One of them is almost certain to end the day crowning 18th with a $2.7 million check to find its way into their back account.

Schaeffler, who had a five-stroke lead in the third round, saw that advantage halved as Smith scored the day’s round, 4-under 68. Although Schaeffler has been more consistent this week, he was the No. 1 player in the world that would have to Fighting along the stretch. Given that 26 of the last 31 green jacket winners have come from the last pairing in the fourth round, there’s a much better chance than no chance that one of these two winners will claim the Masters title on Sunday afternoon.

For Tiger Woods, a bold and impressive effort over the first two days resulted in the five-time Masters winner winning the 22nd straight championship at Augusta National. However, Tiger followed that up with the worst run of his career here, a 6-over-78 which put him out of the fray. His goal on Sunday? So go back to the master.

Watch the 2022 Masters Championship streamed on Sunday with Masters Live Where we follow the world’s best golfers around the Augusta National with Featured groupscheck in the famous Amen corner And see the leaders around the turn on Holes 15 and 16. Watch live broadcasts for free on desktop and mobile via CBSSports.com And CBS Sports . app. Also available at Paramount +.

CBS Sports will update this story with results and highlights from the Masters below. Check out the live scores at the top of this story, and more detailed leaderboardAnd Tour 4 times tee and all of us Master’s program schedule/coverage Instructs.

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