7 action packed games that have reached the same level

Soul Hunters: Infinite Horde – Launch Trailer

When I started writing this, I wasn’t expecting to find a game that I loved more From Vampire survivors. Many of them are derivative in some sense, and given the ongoing development of most of the games on this list, against Only he has a head start. Iterative releases give it an edge as everyone plays catch-up. Well, everyone except – in my opinion –Soul hunters.

First of all, it is great graphically. Really crisp and clear cartoon art, beautifully presented in both its intricate menus and ultra-clear battlefields. But much more importantly, it feels a lot more engaging to play, as if this were an evolutionary step for automatic crowd shooters, zipping toward something a bit more RPG.

The basic game is familiar. You pick one of your unlocked heroes, and they automatically unleash your chosen set of attacks (up to four, from an ever-widening pool), which you constantly upgrade from collected drops. Simply finding a combination of attacks that suits you best is compelling enough, but on top of that, you have a bunch of other drops that you can harvest for improvements in the battle and unlock additional battles.

There are gold coins, which can be used in tent shops, for some extra health, other forms of coins, or even pets (once unlocked) to use on the battlefield. Then there are the purple shards and gray runes, each used to unlock new abilities, ability improvements, player characters, maps, bonuses, etc., in an incredibly complex web of skills. It does add an element of the grind, but in a good way, since you can set off on a run that isn’t focused on completing the 15 minute level (and thus fighting the final boss), but instead focus on collecting the pieces. Maybe there’s a new skill you’re watching, or an opening that unlocks a whole web of other opportunities.

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This got me absolutely hooked, even more than against. It feels more complete and more involved, with more interesting maps to explore and a greater sense of minimal interest. It wasn’t even done! There’s still at least six months of development to put into this, though I feel it’s ready for my release now.


here we are. Seven alternatives to Vampire survivorsSome (whispered) might be better. But you should have your own suggestions, for both the games that were released in its aftermath and those that came before it with a lot of the same ideas. Please drop suggestions in the comments below.

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