7 people injured on TCSP network due to reckless driver

This morning (July 13, 2022) the driver of a BHLS (High Level Service Bus) braked suddenly due to a reckless driver who did not respect the signs. The sudden braking resulted in 7 people being injured, 4 of whom were attended to by the emergency services.

On Wednesday morning (July 13, 2022), at approximately 9:10 a.m.,Avenue Maurice Bishop in Fort-de-France, A motorist disobeys traffic light on TCSP (Home Route Public Transport) lane and obstructs BHLS (Bus High Level Service).

The BHLS driver is forced to apply emergency braking to avoid a collision. The vehicle fled at the appearance of this denial of priority.”TCSP’s RTM (Régie des Transports de Martinique) represents operating lines A and B

Seven people, including four injured, are being attended to by emergency services. RTM condemns this new road immoral act.

BHLS drivers daily face road violations by other road users, some of whom use TCSP lanes without authorization, thus, since the beginning of this year, 7 BHLS accidents have resulted in bodily injuries on TCSP lanes. Refusal from other road users.

RTM (Martinique Transport Authority)

Help in numbers to treat the wounded.

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RTM reminds that only authorized vehicles (specifically BHNS) should use TCSP lanes.

Failure to observe signs and lights can result in an accident, resulting in injury to passengers, drivers and other road users.

RTM issues a warning message to prevent such actions from happening again in the future.

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