A 9-year-old girl has survived an attack by a mountain lion

Attacks Puma Very rare. A 9-year-old girl camped in the northwestern state of Washington United StatesOne of these cats was attacked, he told his uncle, who introduced Kitty online.

On Saturday morning, his uncle Alex Montsevich wrote that the attack took place “while he was camping with his family” in the eastern part of Lily State. Crowdfunding site GoFundMe.

Multiple functions and coma

“She was airlifted to the hospital by helicopter with multiple injuries to her upper body and face,” she said, and she came out of a coma Monday after several surgeries, saying “she knows exactly what happened”.

Uncle’s request for cash assistance, expenses Health In particular, there are photos of the young woman in her hospital bed, with large scars embedded in her face, such as severe scratches. Since 1924, only 20 people have been attacked by mountain lions in this wild and mountainous state, and two have died, according to the Washington State Defense Agency.

“Get up and hit back”

One of its spokesmen told a local television channel that an investigation was underway to better understand the circumstances of the attack and that the body of the animal shot by someone at the scene, in particular, would be analyzed. Diagnose potential diseases.

Cougar attack, a powerful Kitten Also known as cougar and very rare to be in the United States, but if this happens, authorities recommend that you do everything you can to “stand up and fight,” and above all do not try to escape or run away. Die and play.

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