A bomb blast near the Mariupol theater has killed at least 600 people

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  • The European Union has proposed a sixth embargo against Russia, Which provides for a total embargo on Russian oil, which will be implemented gradually over the next six months; Excluding other Russian banks from the Swift network, including Sberbank; The head of the Russian Orthodox Church, the Patriot Grill, has been added to the list of recognized Russian personalities by many Russian soldiers, but also the wife, daughter and son of the Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Pesco. These proposals must be approved by twenty-seven to apply.
  • In MariupolThe situation is even worse. Russia launched its first offensive on Tuesday According to one of the soldiers in the last pocket of the Ukrainian resistance in the city, with tanks and infantry on the Azovstel steelworks. The Kremlin refused to launch an attack on Wednesday.
  • Donetsk regionGovernor of the Region, Pavlo Girillenko declared twenty-one civilians dead and twenty-seven wounded. This is the largest number in the region since April 8, and the attack on the Gramadorsk station killed fifty-seven people and injured one hundred and nine.
  • Explosions took place in LivIn western Ukraine, step Many sources. Russian missiles hit the city in several places shortly before 7:30 pm (Paris time). A power plant was attacked and electricity was partially cut off in the seventh city of the country.
  • The European Union is fighting to tighten its sanctions Against Moscow. On Tuesday, the European Commission completed its proposal for a sixth embargo against Moscow, suspending funding for its war efforts against Ukraine. Exemptions are available for Hungary and Slovakia, which provide for the gradual cessation of European purchases over a period of six to eight months, until the end of 2022. The plan was sent to ambassadors of member states during the first meeting in Brussels on Wednesday.
  • During a new telephone conversation between Emmanuel Macron and Vladimir PutinOn Tuesday, the Russian president assessed “Western nations can stop this atrocity (…) Stop arms supply to Ukraine “. Mr. Putin also said that kyiv “It simply came to our notice then[ait] Preparation for Intensive Work “ In peace talks. For his part, Mr. Macron called on Russia “To fulfill its responsibilities as a permanent member of the Security Council” UN, according to Elysee press release.
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