A court ruling that a teenager is too immature to have an abortion draws the ire of elected officials

On Wednesday, US elected officials A “War on Women” After a Florida appeals court upheld a ruling that a 16-year-old girl was not with her deceased parent “Not mature enough” To have an abortion. “In what world is a 16-year-old not mature enough to have an abortion, but mature enough to carry and raise a child?”asked Democrat-elect Joyce Beatty of Ohio on Twitter, backed by her colleagues Bonnie Watson Coleman of New Jersey and Kathryn Clark of Massachusetts.

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“War” on Women

“This is a dangerous and horrifying example of Florida’s war on women.”Lois Frankel, an elected Democrat from this state in the southeastern United States, ruled the outcome. “unacceptable” And called “Fighting for Women’s Health, Safety and Freedom”. On social networks, many netizens expressed their anger underlining the apparent contradiction of the ruling, with some taking to the hashtag to boycott Florida.

An appeals court on Monday upheld the decision of Escambia County District Judge Jennifer Fridrikowicz to deny a 16-year-old girl’s request for an abortion, referred to as “Jane Doe 22-B,” on the grounds that she failed to prove. “She was mature enough to decide to terminate the pregnancy”. The ruling comes less than two months after the US Supreme Court’s historic face-off in late June, which in 1973 “Roe v. Wade”, left US states free to legislate on the question.

A dozen states already have the option of banning abortion, often without exceptions for sex, rape or danger to the mother’s health, and women’s rights groups fear nearly half of the states will worry about it in the long run. Period. In Florida, abortion is legal until the 15th week after the last menstrual period. “Jane Doe 22-B” was only ten weeks pregnant when she requested an abortion because she could not obtain the consent of one of her parents, both deceased, a requirement for minors seeking abortions in Florida.

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