A little girl was bitten by a wild boar on the beach in Cadaques

A pig bit a 10-year-old girl’s leg while the center of Cadaques was crowded with people.

Wild boars are now part of the landscape of Cadaques, scavenging for as much food as possible for the settlements. But what happened this Monday evening, around 10 o’clock, in the center of the city made famous by Dali, is worrying.

A very aggressive pig bit a 10-year-old girl who was playing on the beach with other children on this hot summer evening when the streets were crowded.

The girl was quickly attended to by medical services and although the injuries did not cause any concern at the scene, the girl was taken to a medical center and later to Figueres Hospital.

The young woman was able to leave the hospital overnight after being treated for her injuries from Monday to Tuesday TV3 indicates. An injury more likely to be caused by an animal’s defense than a bite.

After this attack, the mayor of Cadaqués indicated that measures against wild boars would be strengthened. Municipal officials are also asking people not to feed the animals that roam the streets of the coastal city.

An jabali acaba de atagar a una niña pequena en el paseo de Cadaques. He mortido the pierna. Police and ambulance in El Lugar. Se tbe hazer alco con esta placa. pic.twitter.com/iVHyqB9pJn

— Hugo Scoccia (@HugoScoccia) August 1, 2022

New measures will be announced to control wild boar population.

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