A military plane has crashed on the border with Ukraine

On Tuesday (June 21) a Russian military plane crashed in the Rostov region near the border with Ukraine, killing its pilot, the southern military district news service reported.

On June 21, a Su-25 crashed in the Rostov region during a scheduled training flight. The pilot diedThe source, cited by Russian news agencies, said: “According to preliminary information, a technical glitch may have been the cause of the accident. The Commission of the Russian Space Forces works at that locationThe Su-25 was a Soviet-made armored aircraft, according to the Interfax agency.

Authorities have denied any involvement in the ongoing Russian military offensive in Ukraine on the border with the Rostov region. On June 17, another Su-25 crashed in the Belgorod region on the border with Ukraine, during a training flight, raising the possibility of a technical problem with the military. Russia has repeatedly accused itself of carrying out attacks on Russian soil along the border with Ukraine in recent months.

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