A new directive from Nintendo is likely to happen soon, and here’s why

Mario sitting on a bench playing Earthbound on his Switch while waiting for Mother 3.

picture: Nintendo / Kotaku

In years past, this would have been the big annual Nintendo Direct week for June, but in 2022 The Mario maker So far nowhere to be seen. But the company may still be planning to wrap up the month with a show of some sort, according to a writer at Sony Santa Monica.

“I think there’s a Nintendo Direct coming on the 29th,” former IGN producer and current writer at God of War The studio, Alanah Pearce, told a viewer during a Live stream on Twitch yesterday. “I don’t know if it was announced. Did you hear here first?” She checked her calendar during the broadcast and confirmed the date, adding that she doesn’t consider it a leak because the information didn’t come from Nintendo or include any hint about what might be in the apparent event.

VGC date confirmed, reporting that Pierce’s comments match what the site has been told. Previously, there was Speculation an event may be held this weekHowever, that was based on a leaked release date for the game that ended up being revealed at Summer Game Fest instead. Nintendo did not respond to a request for comment.

The Nintendo Direct format laid the foundation for the many pre-recorded game shows that game companies show regularly throughout the year, but especially during the week when E3 usually takes place. And while there hasn’t been a live press conference at the annual industry event in years, Nintendo has held a live presentation of sorts every June except for 2016. That was a year before the Switch was launched, and during the Wii U’s release of Breath of the wild It was shown extensively on the E3 show floor as part of Tree House Live, and there has never been a bigger show.

Nintendo losing out for June would be unusual at the time, and while we’re living in weird times, the company has a lot to offer. Big new games are coming to show off. Fire Emblem Warriors: Three HopesAnd the Xenoblade Chronicles 3And the Splatoon 3 It all comes out in the next few months. There are still many question marks about Nintendo’s launch plans for the second half of the year.

The Advanced Wars 1 + 2 delayed remake Because of the Russian war against Ukraine, it has no new launch date. Bayonetta 3 It still needs a release date too, and while scarlet pokemon And the Violet It’s due out in November, and there’s still room for another one or two first-party matches. Updating the Switch is also out of the question, although the continued lack of parts makes that a slim possibility.

Reportedly, Nintendo was too Keep semi-finished games on demand To fill in the gaps in its release calendar, the June 29th Direct will likely be an opportunity to reveal more of those. Fans are also hungry for updates Breath of the Wild 2 And the Metroid Prime 4. the last one He was originally teasing five years ago At, you guessed it, E3 2017 Nintendo Direct.

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