Abbas Galliamov, a former Kremlin aide, predicts a military coup against Putin

former The Kremlin While Moscow is blindly pursuing this, one aide warns Bloody conquest in UkraineThe situation at home is quietly heading towards a military coup.

Abbas Galliamov Russian President Vladimir PutinThe former speechwriter says that the conditions already exist for a full-fledged uprising.

Galamov writes in a new column for opposition media Mzhem obyasnit.

Russian public opinion is largely beginning to realize that the Kremlin’s dream of overthrowing the Kyiv “regime” will not come true, Galliamov notes, and that the consolation prize of the new “Russian” lands wins no one.

The rift also grows in the military, he argues, where “[Wagner boss Yevgeny] Prigozhin has completely discredited the system in the eyes of the service members with his rhetoric, and outrage is growing that the authorities have allowed a criminal to walk over them.”

As the image of the cunning, “macho” Putin disintegrated, Galyamov wrote: “With the accumulation of problems in the country and the army that the authorities cannot solve, Putin is steadily turning in the eyes of the people from a great strategist into an ordinary, second-ruling dictator.”

After months of circulating reports of Russian forces mutinying against their commanders, announcing complaints about senior military officers, or abandoning the war altogether, Galliamov notes that all it takes to light the fuse for a full-fledged military coup is a bit more organizing.

β€œIt should be understood that the vast majority of commanders in the army of an authoritarian state are not staunch supporters of the authorities, but ordinary opportunists,” he argues.

So once a revolution begins and “yesterday’s loyalties” disappear, military leaders will fight over who seems most likely to win, according to Galamov. If the complaints against the authorities seem convincing [a commander]It is likely that he will decide [regime] He will not stand up to a wave of popular anger. And if that’s the case, there’s no reason not to join.”

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In addition to countless reports of troops mutinying against their commanders and even attacking them in some cases, thousands of Russian soldiers voluntarily turned themselves in to the Ukrainian authorities to avoid participating in the war.

Representative of a Ukrainian hotline called “I want to live” Tell Watchman On Thursday, he called in a total of 6,543 Russian soldiers to surrender to the Ukrainian government in about four months.

“During the liberation of Kherson, we got calls from the Russians and they said to us, ‘Just save our lives because we are stuck somewhere in the mud, our battalion is completely broken, we have 10 soldiers left, please get us out of this mess,'” Vitaly Matvienko was quoted as saying.

He did not say how many of those phone calls led to a complete surrender.

Whereas Russian forces once bragged about what they were sure would be a quick takeover of Ukraine, ordinary Russians now instead see a steady drip of death at home, with billboards Advertising funeral services for the “Cargo 200”, a military term for those killed in action.

Incidentally, Russia’s funeral service industry may be one of the only economic sectors to hit the jackpot in the war, even as other industries suffer from international sanctions.

Insider Reports indicate that the industry is exploding at a record pace and crematoriums are “growing exponentially.”

The owner of a crematorium in Novosibirsk told the outlet that there is such great demand that he plans to open a whole new military department in the spring.

“Everything will be military-style, we’ll even build a cannon,” he said, adding that manufacturers have also begun offering camouflage coffins and “a lot of military paraphernalia.”

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Although it may not prove popular. “It seems that there are bad connections for relatives,” he said.

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