According to science, this is the ideal age gap for lasting couples

It is often said that love knows no age, but science disagrees. No offense to Cougars and others sugar daddyIt is scientifically proven Age difference Not only in surgery within a couple, but also relatively important impact on the longevity of this one.

The greater the age difference, the shorter the pair.

A more intensive study on the subject was conducted by three researchers from Emory University and the University of Michigan in Atlanta. Over the years, scientists have begun to observe and analyze the behavior of less than 3,000 people in couples to determine what the ideal age difference is. A marriage that lasts. The big difference is enough to allow them to conclude that more couples past the marriage milestone are likely to divorce sooner rather than later. Therefore, it is necessary to start from the principle that when we exceed 10 years we are talking about a significant age difference. The statistics are also very telling: according to the results of the survey, couples with a 10-year age gap are 39% more likely to divorce, compared to 95% for couples with a 20-year age gap. When this interval is reduced to 5 years, the risk of your relationship not lasting a lifetime is reduced to 18%.

What is the ideal age difference for a couple?

As for the ideal age difference, it doesn’t really matter because it only exists 12 months. If your partner is a year older or younger than you, or vice versa, you only have a 3% chance of actually going to the divorce box. So it’s really about making sure you fall in love with a partner who is like you.

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As experts point out, there is a logic behind this. Because each person’s concerns and expectations often vary with age, it seems normal or natural for two people of the same or close age to share common desires, goals, or fears.

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