According to the NGO Iran Human Rights, at least fifty people died in the suppressed protests

At least fifty people have been killed in Iran since the protests began Death of woman detained by morality policeAccording to NGO Iran Human Rights Report, press release on Friday, September 23. On Thursday, the Oslo-based organization, already mentioned At least thirty-one people have died, while Iranian officials have acknowledged the deaths of seventeen – while denying any involvement of security forces.

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The death of 22-year-old Mahza Amini has drawn strong condemnation around the world, as international NGOs have condemned the crackdown. “terrible” Iran’s president promised an investigation, sparking protests.

A young woman from Kurdistan was arrested on September 13 in Tehran “Dressing inappropriately” According to the auxiliary police, a unit responsible for enforcing a strict dress code in the Islamic Republic of Iran, women must cover their hair and are not allowed to wear short coats above the knee, tight pants or ripped jeans. she He died in hospital on September 16. Activists said she was shot in the head, but Iranian officials denied this and announced an investigation.

Counter rally in Tehran

Demonstrations began immediately after his death was announced. Since then, they have spread to fifteen cities, including Qom, southwest of Tehran, a religious and highly conservative city.

In response, a protest rally was held in Tehran on Friday, September 23, at the invitation of the Islamic Development Coordination Committee. In front of the university, about a hundred meters from Hejab (“scarf” in Persian) street, where protesters of the morality police gather every evening, supporters of mandatory veiling chanted with Iranian flags and placards. Thanks for the support and law enforcement.

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