After being bitten in a suspicious manner, he was found dead with puzzling marks on his body

Harry Bolton died tragically at the age of 19. He was a second-year student at the University of Hull, England, and was found dead in the house where he was staying at the chancellor. Worried that Harry Bolton wasn’t responding to his text messages, one of his friends called the police. On October 7, 2021, several police officers broke down the 19-year-old’s door. They found him lying on his back on the bed, with his eyes open and his mouth gaping. Harry Bolton’s body was cold to the touch and his housemates and officers noticed his chest was not moving, the inquest heard. Upon closer inspection of his body, rescue workers made a disturbing discovery.

After he was pronounced dead, Harry Bolton was found with a gash on his back about the size of a two-euro coin, which appeared to be infected. Four days ago, the 19-year-old student told a friend that a spider had bitten him on his back. And he is unwell. Worried about his health, he went to the hospital with a fever and increased heart rate. Doctors took a blood sample on the spot and noted that Harry Bolton did indeed have inflammation. So Harry Bolton returned home, and the next morning was the last his housemates saw. Subsequently, the police have started an investigation..




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