After tensions surrounding the “Ocean-Viking” reception, four countries of the European Union condemned the system in place.

Following tension over hostingSea-Viking WHO Set diplomatic relations between France and Italy on fireFour Mediterranean countries, including the latter, condemned the move on Saturday, November 12, in a joint declaration by the European Union (EU), the body that manages the flow of migrants.

“The first country to enter Europe”, Italy, Cyprus, Malta and Greece consider the system equally weighted. “The Heaviest Weight in Managing Migratory Flows in the Mediterranean” on them. In a press release signed by the interior ministers of Italy, Malta and Cyprus and the Greek migration minister, the four states request intervention from the European Commission to quickly start new discussions at the European level.

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A review of the “Voluntary Solidarity Mechanism”.

Recalling the commitments made by the European Union (EU) when it was established in Luxembourg in June “Voluntary Solidarity Mechanism” 10,000 people should have been allowed to relocate in the first year, a result the four ministers regretted. “disappointment”.

According to them, “Machine is slow” and unachieved objective set, “Represents only a very small fraction of the actual number of irregular arrivals during the year”. These countries, along with Spain the most exposed to the influx of migrants, have argued for years in favor of a system of forced relocations, which has caused a stir between member states since the 2015 migration crisis.

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All the four ministers have condemned that “Countries of first entry may be the only viable European landing spots for illegal immigrants” And pointing the finger at humanitarian NGOs “Private vessels operate with complete autonomy from competent state authorities”.

In particular, they demand that each state present its flag to the humanitarian ship “Effectively exercises jurisdiction and control” Lastly. Indeed, ships flying the French, Norwegian or German flag routinely stop in Italy, much to the chagrin of the peninsula’s authorities, without success, as the states from which these ships fly take care of the migrants.

Awaiting a new deal to manage migrants “It is effective, fair and permanent”Four ministers consider “An urgent and necessary serious debate on how best to coordinate these actions in the Mediterranean” NGO ships must ensure that they comply with the rules and that their flag states do “Accept their responsibilities in accordance with their international obligations”.

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The “Ocean-Viking” left the port of Toulon

France welcomes humanitarian ship Sea-VikingIt was announced on Thursday and put the question of immigration back at the center of European debates after twenty days of wandering at sea for the ship.

The ship disembarked at Toulon on Friday morning and left the military port in the evening. It is temporarily in the port of Seyne-sur-Mer (Var), the department’s provincial and non-governmental organization told France-Presse. She will stay in France for a few weeks for a technical stop before departing again from Libya to resume her rescue mission in the central Mediterranean.

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The 234 migrants on board had been disembarked by Friday, and 189 of them – including 24 women and 13 minors – were transferred to a holiday center on the Gennes peninsula, about twenty kilometers from Toulon. “International Waiting Area”. The 44 unaccompanied minors on board were taken into care by social services and relocated outside the center in Zions.

The “International Waiting Area” It was created specifically so that migrants who are welcomed there are not considered to be in France: they are prohibited from leaving it before the initial assessment of their asylum application. So far, all have expressed their willingness to make this request, the provincial council said. Negotiations began on Saturday with ten French Office for the Protection of Refugees and Stateless Persons (Ofpra) agents dispatched to the scene.

In a joint statement “For full respect of rights” Among these, several organizations condemned it on Friday, including the National Association of Border Assistance for Foreigners (Anafé), the League of Human Rights (LDH) or the Syndicate of Lawyers of France. “Waiting Area” And this “Deprivation of Freedom” It creates.

In total, two-thirds of the 234 people, i.e. 175, will leave France and migrate to eleven countries, including Germany, which is about 80, Luxembourg, Bulgaria, Romania, Croatia, Lithuania, Malta. , Portugal, Ireland, Finland and Norway.

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