After the death of Elizabeth II, Prince Charles’ staff have already received notice of dismissal

When social laws are urgent, too Royal mourning Nothing can be done about it. A hundred staff at Clarence House, home to King Charles III and his wife Camilla, have already received notice of redundancy.

On Monday, a ceremony was held in honor of Queen Elizabeth II at St Giles Cathedral in Edinburgh (Scotland). Guardian, Charles’ private secretaries, finance office, communications team and household staff received a letter from the King’s chief adviser, Sir Clive Alderton, saying changes were coming and would lead to layoffs for some. “The change in the role of our Principals will mean a change for our House… The collection of work, former activities and maintenance activities previously carried out in this House to support the personal interests of the former Prince of Wales will no longer be carried out. (…) So the posts based at Clarence House will support these areas. It is expected that the work will no longer be required.”, he wrote. And to add: “I understand this is upsetting news and would like to inform you of the support available at this stage”.

A spokesman for Clarence House confirmed the information: Later Prince Charles installed as King, “The former Prince of Wales and the former Duchess of Cornwall’s household activities have been suspended and, as required by law, a consultation process has begun. Our employees have given long and loyal service and while some redundancies are inevitable, we are working urgently to identify alternative roles for as many employees as possible.

“Everybody’s Absolutely Furious”

Since the sovereign’s death on Thursday evening, there has been consternation among staff who have worked day and night to guarantee good conditions for the royal heir. Some have been in the service of Prince Charles for years. “Everyone, including the private secretaries and the executive committee, are absolutely furious. To counter this all employees are working late every night from Thursday onwards. People were shocked by the news,” an employee told the British daily.

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By law, a consultation period with staff must open after the monarch’s state funeral on Monday. Employees will be offered alternative work in one of the royal households or help to find work elsewhere, with “enhanced” severance pay above the statutory minimum. The Act provides that this compensation, like notice, shall be proportionate to the seniority of the employee.

However, it is still unknown where the king and queen consort will live. Clarence House could be the couple’s London home, with Buckingham and its horrendous renovations reserved for the monarchy’s official duties. Charles moved into the house near Buckingham in 2003, having occupied it since 1953, following the Queen Mother’s death. Elizabeth II lived in Windsor, 35 km west of the capital. Visited Prince William and his wife Kate.

So far, according to the annual inventory, Charles’ private offices employ the equivalent of 101 full-time people. Four times less than Queen’s, which employed 491 people full-time.

The King and Queen Consort have cottages at Birgal on the Balmoral Estate, Highgrove in Gloucestershire and Lwynivermot in Wales. Charles Balmoral Castle should also be acquired, Where did the queen die?and Sandringham, which traditionally hosts the royal family’s year-end celebrations.

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