Amazon’s new Echo Spot is on sale for almost half price on Prime Day

Like its predecessor, the new Spot is a combination smart speaker and alarm clock, but it ditches the camera that no one wanted in their bedroom. It also now borrows its design from the Echo Pop, which Amazon claims will give it better sound quality. And as an Echo speaker, it of course supports Alexa voice commands to set your alarm in the morning, call up the weather forecast, or read you news updates. And if having a microphone in your bedroom still sounds creepy, the top of the Spot has a dedicated button to turn it off.

Aside from the ease of use and functionality, keep in mind that any smart alarm clock becomes useless if the power goes out due to the lack of a battery backup.

By the way, here’s a quick note on some baseball insider stuff (disclosure, if you will): We don’t typically cover product deals. the edge We only review a product if we have personal experience with it. Since the Echo Spot just came out, I checked in with our resident smart home reviewer Jennifer Pattison Tuohy, who has started testing the new Spot for her upcoming review. Jen’s early impressions have been mostly positive, and she thinks the new Spot should be a great value at $45 — but probably less so at its full price of $80. Stay tuned for the full review with her final rating. For now, if you’re a Prime subscriber and don’t mind being an early adopter, this deal could be worth it.

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