An heir, a criminal and a mysterious child: England is in turmoil over the strangest news

An heir to the British royal family has been trying to erase all traces since early January in England. The story worries the authorities, as Thirties, in a relationship with an ex-convict, may have given birth to a child shortly before she disappeared.

What happened to Constance Morton? Why didn’t she give any sign of life for days? Did she give birth to the child she was having with a certain Mark Gordon, who is not well-known to American justice for rape? All these questions occupied the minds of the British, and their officers were concerned about this disappearance.

The story begins on January 5, when a vehicle created by couple Constance Morton and Mark Gordon was found in flames on a road near Bolton in the north of England. The two aggressors were not found on the scene, the first mystery, but the investigators have one hope: a 35-year-old woman gave birth to a child a day or two ago, possibly even in this car.

A couple asking questions

The identity of the two members of the couple is a question. He, whose grandmother was directly related to the royal family, had recently inherited a remarkable legacy. He, 13 years her senior, was convicted of rape in the United States at the age of 14 and spent two decades in prison.

From this strange episode, traces of Constance Morton and Mark Gordon led to Liverpool, where they would have taken a taxi (a 45km walk) after the vehicle caught fire, before arriving in Harwich in the south-east. On January 7 in London, they were spotted by underground surveillance cameras.

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Two weeks later, we don’t know much. Especially with Airbnb rentals that have enough money for a couple to stay. The child’s fate remains a mystery and crystallizes authorities’ concerns. The latter broadcast a call for witnesses on January 18 on social networks.

Have you seen Constance, Mark or their newborn?

Contact us without delay.

Call the incident room on 0207 175 0785 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111

-Metropolitan Police (@metpoliceuk) January 18, 2023

Constance Morton’s family has cut ties since her meeting with Mark Gordon.

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