Angels put Jared Walsh on the 60-day infected list

1:16 pmThe Angels announced that Walsh had been placed in IL for 60 days. This officially ends the baseman’s first 2022 season.

10:06 AM: The Angels announced a series of roster moves ahead of today’s match with the Rays, including news Jared Walsh He was put on the 10-day list for thoracic outlet syndrome. player Phil Jocelyn As assigned to the task. Fill my existing spots are catcher Matt Thays (Summoned from Triple-A), the first baseman Mike Fordwhose contract was chosen from Triple-A.

Thoracic outlet syndrome is a more common condition in shooters, which makes Walsh something of an oddity as a center player. While Walsh drew some attention as a two-way player early in his career and while working in the Angels Ranch system, he’s only had 26 2/3 pro rounds, and none since 2019. Most shooters who have had surgery to correct their terms of service It’s the same performance Coming back to kom, but it remains to be seen if Walsh will actually need surgery, or how the procedure could affect his future productions given that he’s not doing merchandising.

Even if Walsh opts for treatment without undergoing surgery, it may appear that the remainder of his 2022 season could be in jeopardy. With the Angels out of the feud, they will apparently have no reason to bring Walsh back to work.

Walsh hit .280/.338/.531 on 693 PA with the Angels in 2020-21, earning a seventh place in the 2020 Rookie of the Year poll and a slot on the 2021 AL-Star Team. However, 2022 was even more challenging, as he contributed The 29-year-old has only made 15 home runs and slashes 0.215/.269/.374. Despite some decent defense at first base, this poor offensive production resulted in an overall substitution level performance for Walsh, who has -0.5 fWAR and -0.6 bWAR.

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Even in 2020-2021 Walsh had below-average walk-and-strike rates, but those numbers are down even more in 2022 – Walsh’s 30.4% strike rate puts him in only the sixth percent of speculators. It also hits with a much lower force, with an isolated power scale of just 0.158 (down from 354 in 2020 and .232 in 2021). That decline has robbed the Angels of the main bats in their squad, with Los Angeles getting very little from any other player. Mike TroutAnd the Shuhei OhtaniAnd the Taylor Wardand emerging Luis Renjevo.

Gosselin had enough MLB service time that he could turn down an outright assignment for Triple-A, assuming he clears the waivers and the Angels don’t release him. The Angels claimed that Jocelyn was granted exemptions from the Braves in mid-July, and the veteran utility server ended up playing 22 games for Anaheim, mostly as a third baseman. Unfortunately, Gosselin delivered very little to the insult, showing only a 0.29 OPS on 51 boards.

Jocelyn has only delivered sporadically on the board during his 10 seasons in the Major League, with his career .254/.305/.349 slashes on 1199 PA. The 33-year-old fits in with seven different teams in the league, and this is his second assignment with the Angels, having played 104 games for the Hallos in 2021.

Ford is in the starting lineup today as the cleaning hitter, which puts Ford on his way to seeing action for a different fourth team in the Major League this season. The first starting player appeared in 22 games alongside the Giants, Mariners and Braves, with San Francisco and Seattle ping-pong ping-pong ping-pong multiple times earlier in the season and Atlanta firing Ford earlier this month. He signed a new minor league contract with Los Angeles in mid-August, and may now line up with some consistent playing time if Walsh doesn’t miss most or all of the remainder of the season.

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In 2019, Ford came onto the scene with 12 home runs and 0.909 OPS on 163 PA as a rookie with the Yankees. Since that initial breakout, however, he’s wrestled to a slash. to the Nationals based on a claim to waive later in the 2021 season, making it a major whirlwind of regulatory change for Princeton producer in just 14 months.

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