Anxiety among the Russian public has been growing since the partial demobilization announcement



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On Wednesday, September 21, Vladimir Putin announced a partial demobilization of Russia. Since then, protests have erupted in major cities across the country, and some have sought to flee Russia.

Dozens of demonstrators chanted on the most famous street in Moscow (Russia). “No War”, Wednesday 21 September evening. The reaction follows Vladimir Putin’s partial demobilization announcement. Unexpectedly, the demonstrators were quickly escorted away by the police. A mother is frustrated: “I came because I have children, I have boys and I don’t want them to go to war”, laments. The Russian Federation reported that 1,300 people were arrested.

On Thursday, September 22, Russian officials claimed that 10,000 had volunteered during the day. However, there are definite signs that people’s anxiety has increased a notch. On the Internet, two expressions peaked in Russian search engines: “How do you break your arm?” And “How about running away from the country?”. In addition, once the demobilization was announced, no air tickets were available for Russian citizens to countries that did not require a visa.

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