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Elon Musk, an American billionaire, wanted to ask a question to a job interviewer a few years ago. This was a mathematical problem that job applicants had to deal with at its space transport company SpaceX.

“You are somewhere on the surface of the earth. You walk a mile [1,6 km] South, one mile west, one mile north. You arrive at the exact point where you started walking. Where are you? ⁇ American businessman Elon Musk I wanted to ask this question in a job interview a few years ago. The British newspaper reports that he was recruiting staff for his SpaceX company, which specializes in launching spacecraft. DefenderMonday, June 27, 2022, Quote from billionaire biographer Ashley Vance.

Elon Musk The technique for detecting a liar

The most frequently given answer is: North Pole. And she is precise. Because it is not really particularly original, according to DefenderThe first known reference to this mathematical problem dates back to 1821.

In 2017, Elon Musk explained that he had asked the same question to all the applicants he had received for a job interview – the millionaire probably does not care about recruitment in person today.

The American TV channel pointed out that this little problem was aimed at finding potential liars or candidates who embellished their CV and their professional experience. CNBC In 2021. Because he then asked: “Tell me about some of the difficult problems you’ve worked on and how you solved them.”

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Questions to ask future SpaceX coaches

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According to Elon Musk, “People who actually solve this problem remember how they did it, they know the little details and can describe them.”. Otherwise? This means that the candidate may not actually solve the problem and may have lied during his job interview… at least according to Elon Musk’s rationality.

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Those who want to work for the man who is the richest man in the world today do not have to answer these questions alone. An article, published in a blog in 2021 Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), a prestigious American university, lists frequently asked questions of trainers seeking to join SpaceX.

Of these, there were questions that one might constantly ask during a job interview. For example: “Why do you want to work here?” Others are more technical, focusing on engineering or aerospace.

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