Around Keir Starmer, a feminist, efficient and diverse government – Liberation

The team formed by the new Labor prime minister has many different profiles and many firsts in the kingdom’s history.

Keir Starmer created the most feminine, especially educated and talented government in history “In All Skills” and brings together former ministers from Tony Blair and Gordon Brown, long-standing elected officials, members of civil society and allies who cut their teeth with him in the opposition.

Angela Rayner, Deputy Prime Minister, Secretary of State for Equal Opportunities

When Angela Rayner left school at 16 pregnant with her eldest son, she was told “Good for Nothing”. At the age of 44, he became Deputy Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and Secretary of State for Equal Opportunities, Housing and Communities – a portfolio for which he was already in opposition.

Born near Manchester in 1980, Rainer grew up in poverty – his mother was illiterate – and kept his strong northern accent, which became a hallmark of his public image, along with his colorful clothes, his charisma and his red hair. A socialist, moderate-left member of the Labor Party, she entered politics in 2015 through trade unions after working in personal care. A varied and remarkable career in the still-highest landscape of the British Parliament.

A feminist “with a capital E”, the young woman had two other sons, including one so precocious, that Starmer seemed outwardly and openly withdrawn. He continues to be targeted by his political opponents and the press, and these attacks have intensified during the campaign. But she would invariably respond openly and cheekily, which sometimes forced her to apologise. His priorities will be to work with mayors of major cities, build 1.5 million new homes and strengthen workers’ rights through a “New Deal”.

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Rachel Reeves, Chancellor of the Exchequer

Former Bank of England economist Rachel Reeves is the first woman to be appointed Chancellor of the Exchequer (Finance Minister) in the office’s 708-year history. A “Historical Responsibility” She stressed, it should feature young women and girls “It should have no limits [leurs] ambitions”. He represents an obvious choice, given his involvement in the campaign, his place within the opposition and his solid reputation for seriousness and moderation.

A Londoner and childhood chess champion, Reeves joined the Labor Party as a teenager and entered Parliament in 2010, winning his seat in Leeds. After more than a decade of stagnation, the United Kingdom enjoys a difficult economic climate, with the second-lowest growth in the G7 after Germany. “Not a lot of money.”, she warned in her appointment. It wants to promote productivity and growth through this “Stability, Investment and Reform”, establishing the UK’s economic security and rebuilding public services. A plan aimed at continuing to position his party as fiscally responsible, which he sums up with the neologism. “Security”.

David Lammy, Foreign Minister

David Lammy, born in London to Guyanese parents, said he became the first Foreign Secretary at a time “Descendants of Enslaved Peoples” And “The Black Man of the Working Class”. Fighting racism and social justice, he spent several summers before becoming the first black Briton to attend Harvard University Law School. There he met Barack Obama and participated in his first presidential campaign, building a network among Democrats.

A lawyer and the youngest Member of Parliament when he was first elected, David Lammy occupied a variety of roles in the governments of Tony Blair, who made him culture minister for a time, and then in Gordon Brown’s. The new head of diplomats, who campaigned against Brexit, has already announced his desire to strengthen ties with Europe and will continue to support Ukraine. If he had described Marine Le Pen “A Malicious Character” to do “Toxic Scenes” And Donald Trump is one “Misogynistic sociopath and neo-Nazi sympathizer”, has pledged to work with the next president of the United States, whoever he is. He wants to improve the balance between foreign policy and his country’s economic security.

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James Timpson, Minister for Prisons

At the head of an empire of no less than 2,100 shoe repair, key cutting, photo printing and dry cleaning service shops, James Timpson is a specialist businessman, the first in the UK to employ ex-prisoners: among his 5,600 staff. Almost 10% of his cohort had served prison terms. Against reorganization and restructuring, he is a staunch defender of “inside-out” and human-centered management, which gives employees more latitude to serve customers while creating favorable conditions for fulfillment at work. Its stores are especially known for offering free services to customers in need.

The philanthropist, in support of the right to a second chance, estimates that only a third of Timpson inmates actually end up in prison. An expert on the subject, he previously worked with the Conservatives to reform the prison system and served as chairman of the Prison Reform Trust until his surprise and well-received appointment as prisons minister last Friday. As he is not elected, he must sit in the House of Lords.

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