At the Izioum mass grave, “obviously, these people were tortured and hanged”, the regional governor considers

good morning ! The process of joining Sweden and Finland in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).Prompted by the outbreak of war in Ukraine, the process is still in the process of being ratified by the organization’s thirty member states since it was launched on July 5.

The French Parliament has approved the NATO Accession Protocol for the two countries August 2. According to the organization’s list, six member states — Hungary, Portugal, Spain, Slovakia and Turkey — have yet to officially recognize the membership.

As you mentioned, Ankara is blocking the process of Finland and Sweden joining NATO, alleging pro-Kurdish positions. However, for their membership to be effective, the consent of all member states of the organization is necessary.

Turkey specifically accuses the two Nordic countries of hosting people linked to the Kurdish Workers’ Party (PKK), the Kurdish YPG group in Syria and those involved in the failed coup in Turkey in 2016.

So the three countries engaged in trilateral talks this summer to change the situation. They signed a tripartite memorandum at the NATO summit in Madrid in June, in which Turkey offered an initial agreement on the entry of Stockholm and Helsinki in exchange for cooperation in the fight against terrorism. They met again in August and a new meeting is being considered “In the Autumn”.

Due to the now changed political situation in Sweden The victory of the right-wing and far-right coalition in the Legislative Assembly elections, On Sunday, it should have no bearing on the issue of NATO membership.

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Indeed, with Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the far-right and social democrats, despite historically opposing the idea of ​​joining NATO, reversed their stance, allowing the candidacy to be filed in mid-May. So the issue is now subject to broad consensus among the main Swedish parties: only the Left Party (formerly Communist) and the Greens oppose it.

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