Bears QB Justin Fields is amazing and unpredictable and can get even better

Watch bear lose to dolphins 35-32 begs this question: In today’s NFL, can you have a passing game that wins games but doesn’t produce big yards?

The Bears are ranked last in the league in passing yards, averaging 125.7 per game. This week, with 116 yards passed, they had the fourth lowest count in the league in any game.

But they score points – enough points to win matches.

Here are my other post-game ideas:

• The amazing Justin Fields He makes something out of nothing like anyone in football. In this regard, he is in a classroom with Patrick Mahomes And the Lamar Jackson.

• As a runner, Fields possess instincts that can’t be trained and possibly even defensible.

• Fields are very difficult to contain because they are unpredictable. Defenders have no idea if he’s going to throw or run, or how and where he’s going to run.

• One of the best things Fields does is avoid flips. He’s never had a Sunday and has a three-game winning streak with no interceptions or confusion.

• Imagine what kind of effect the fields would have if they became above average pedestrians.

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Bears Rewind: Justin Fields-to-Cole Kmet connection opened, blocking the throw

• Luke Getsy’s performance in recent weeks has been no less impressive than that of Fields. It takes advantage of what Fields does best, minimizes Fields’ struggles and covers up what the rest of the attack cannot do.

• Here’s what was easy to miss on Sunday: Dolphins packed most of the bear runs that included deliveries. Without Fields’ running yards, the Bears averaged 2.9 yards per lunge.

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• For a change, the offensive line was better in playing passes than running plays. Fields had his best protection of the season on Sunday. It was separated twice and pressed twice, but the dolphins didn’t speed up or hit. having a guard Cody Whitehair Back helped.

• If its end is narrow Cool qumt He had played for a team that could make use of his skills for the past two years, his version of his coming this season was very different. He can be a pro on some teams.

• There is no reason to back off David Montgomery Superior Barrier – The left winger cannot replace Khalil Herbert in the Punt Team.


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Yahns: Bears have a QB at Justin Fields – and that’s all that matters now

• Four of the top five Bears players were defensive backs, highlighting the important issues at the top seven.

• If bears are about next year and beyond, they shouldn’t Philos Jones Jr. To be in uniform?

• Most 3-6 teams and their fans are looking for people to blame. The Bears and their fans are looking for people to congratulate. Chicago has never had a season quite like this.

(Photo: Quinn Harris/Getty Images)

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