Beijing offers Moscow “political solution” to conflict without consulting Kyiv

Beijing wants to be a key player in resolving the war Ukraine while protecting its Russian ally. there China So it laid out its vision for a “political solution” to the conflict in Ukraine in Moscow on Wednesday, at the opening of the General Assembly at a time when the UN secretary-general condemned the Russian invasion of Ukraine a year ago as “an affront to our collective conscience”.

In Moscow, Chinese diplomatic chief Wang Yi was welcomed at the Kremlin after meeting the Russian foreign minister. Sergey Lavrov. This follows concerns from the US and NATO that the Chinese are preparing to supply Russia with weapons to continue its military operations in Ukraine.

The Chinese proposal will be released soon

“The Chinese partners shared with us their thoughts on the root causes of the Ukrainian crisis and approaches to its political solution,” the Russian Foreign Ministry commented after the talks. However, “there is no question of a separate (peace) ‘plan’,” he noted. Beijing has promised to make public its plan to end the conflict this week. And Wang Yi expressed Beijing’s willingness to “strengthen strategic partnership (…) and full cooperation.” Russia.

“China did not consult us,” replied a senior Ukrainian official, who spoke on condition of anonymity, on the other hand. He further warned against crossing the “red lines” set by Kiev, particularly by refusing to make any territorial concessions to Russia, which occupies parts of the country’s east and south. Ukraine, like the Crimean Peninsula.

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