Berlusconi and Salvini round Giorgia Meloni for joint meeting ahead of legislative elections

Big names of the Italian far-right marched on the Piazza del Popolo in Rome on Thursday, September 22. “Cavalier” Silvio Berlusconi, almost 86 years old, is not very brave. Matteo Salvini, Lega’s strongman, was yesterday’s far-right leader. And who took his place, and superseded him, was Meloni, as he was called in Italy. Giorgia Meloni, head of the ultra-conservative, identity and nationalist organization Fratelli d’Italia, held her last meeting ahead of Sunday’s Italian legislative elections. An important election in this founding member state of the European Union and the third economy in the Eurozone.

>> Far-right candidate Giorgia Meloni is a symbol of Italians’ “confusion,” a researcher analyzes.

The far-right-dominated coalition took 25% of the vote. So will Italy bring to power the successor to Fascism? The child of Rome’s long-popular district of Carpatella was formed in the post-fascist ranks of the Italian Social Movement (MSI), but, on stage Thursday evening, not a word came to commemorate this fusion.

Giorgia Meloni talks about the economy, Europe and Italy’s place in the world. She places mutes on her personal trinity of God, country and family. There are international journals. It’s about determination. And, the Left should be concerned to hear that: “When democracy came, the left lost its mind. It was revealed for what it is, an extremist, angry, violent left that is afraid of losing its power structure.”

The end of the campaign with the reverse front of the monstrous extreme right. “Throughout the campaign, we were told we were afraid, but only afraid they”Underscoring Georgia Meloni on stage.

“They are not afraid of those who dream of a proud Italy, they want to be proud again of their nation, of their people, of their flag.”

Georgia Meloni, president of Fratelli d’Italia

At a meeting in Rome

The basics are left to Matteo Salvini, who in spite of the foil: “The Left proposes to repopulate our villages by bringing in more immigrants. I say no. Let’s repopulate our men by allowing them to have more sons and helping mothers become mothers.” If it wasn’t clear, old The Vice-President of the Italian Council of Ministers notes: “I say mom and dad because mom’s name is mom and not parent 1, parent 2 or parent 32…”

But we are not mistaken in the crowd, and we know why we support “La Meloni”: “Nothing idly, broom, get out of the country!” exclaims a far-right activist. We need roots. In Italy they are being taken away from us, and it is the fault of our rulers! Georgia Meloni hasn’t reigned in recent years. Clearance bonus for her on Sunday.

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