Biden argues Russia has violated UN ‘fundamental principles’ as Putin steps up mobilization

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President Biden He will argue that Russia has violated the “fundamental principles” of the United Nations during his address to the General Assembly on Wednesday.

Biden’s speech comes less than a day after Russian President Vladimir Putin Partial military mobilization order In a double attempt to control Ukraine. White House National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan reviewed Biden’s speech, saying the president would focus on Putin’s “naked aggression.”

“He will deliver a stern rebuke to Russia’s unjust war in Ukraine and call on the world to continue to stand against the blatant aggression we have witnessed over the past several months,” Sullivan said on Tuesday.

“It will stress the importance of strengthening the United Nations and reaffirming the basic principles of its Charter at a time when a permanent member of the Security Council has struck at the heart of the Charter by challenging the principle of territorial integrity and sovereignty.” added.

The most important military calls in southern Ukraine for volunteers as troops looking to retake Kherson

Side-by-side portrait of President Joe Biden and Russian President Vladimir Putin.
(Mikhail Klementiev / Sputnik / Agence France-Presse)

Russian troops surrounded by Ukrainian forces and the Dnieper River, carrying supplies to the basins of Russian forces

Putin crowd, It was announced early Wednesday, will see Russian nationals enlisted in the service. The Russian president says that the mobilization is partial, and therefore compulsory conscription will be limited to citizens who are already in the military reserve.

Putin argues that conscription is necessary “to protect our homeland, its sovereignty and territorial integrity, to ensure the security of our people and our people in the liberated lands.”

The Russian move comes after weeks of successful military operations from Ukraine. Ukrainian forces recaptured nearly 8,000 square miles of territory in a series of counterattacks beginning in early September.


Ukrainian victories prompted Putin to take drastic measures. In addition to the military mobilization, his regime also announced a series of elections in the Russian-controlled areas of Ukraine. Sullivan described the elections as “fake referendums” designed to give Putin a flimsy excuse to annex the territories.

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