Biden blames Russia and Saudi Arabia for higher gas prices, and attributes it to the recent drop

President Biden spoke at the Volvo manufacturing plant on Friday, blaming New rise in gas prices In the United States on Russia and Saudi Arabia.

Gas prices have risen in recent weeks, and Biden said Wednesday’s decision by the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) was to blame.

“I managed to bring the price of gasoline down by more than $1.60, but it is slowly increasing because of what the Russians and Saudis just did,” Biden told the audience in Hagerstown, Maryland.

“I’m not done with that yet,” he added.

OPEC+ ADP Cut Production and More: Things to Know on Wednesday

Gas prices above $7 a gallon are displayed at a Chevron gas station in Mill Valley, California on Monday. (Justin Sullivan/Getty Images/Getty Images)

Ministers from OPEC+ said on Wednesday they would cut oil production by 2 million barrels per day in a move Oil prices are expected to rise globally.

Biden’s strategic petroleum reserve fell sharply after Dimmos shut down refill effort

The OPEC decision came as the White House pushed major oil producers such as Saudi Arabia – which leads the international oil cartel – not to make drastic cuts to oil production as gas prices continue to rise.

President Biden talked about rising gas prices in Maryland

President Biden speaks at the Volvo Engine Group operations facility in Hagerstown, Maryland, on Friday. (AP Photo/Julio Cortez/AP Newsroom)

The White House He hopes that clean energy will help the United States bypass the OPEC decision.

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“Today’s announcement is a reminder of why it is so important for the United States to reduce its dependence on foreign sources of fossil fuels through the Inflation Reduction Act,” White House Press Secretary Karen-Jean-Pierre said on Wednesday.

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