Biden’s Energy Secretary says she supports California’s gas car ban

Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm It says it supports regulations approved by the California state government in August that ban the sale of new gas-powered cars after 2034.

Granholm responded to a question about the new law, saying she supports it and praising California for its “bias” on climate policy, during an interview with Los Angeles reporter Alex Michelson that aired Friday night. She noted President Biden’s unofficial commitment to ensuring that 50% of all US car sales are electric by 2030.

“Yes, I think California really leans,” Granholm said when asked if she supports California law. “And of course, the federal government has a goal — which the president has announced — that by 2030, half of the cars in the United States, new that have been sold, will be electric.”

On August 25, the California Air Resources Board (CARB) Agree to the list In an effort to significantly reduce the carbon emissions produced by the state’s transportation sector. The rule states that all new vehicle sales beginning in 2035 are electric vehicles (EV), but allows existing gas vehicles to remain in operation.

Special Counsel Governs Energy Secretary Biden’s Hatch Act

Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm speaks during a press conference at the White House on November 23, 2021. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci, File/AP Newsroom)

“This is a historic moment for California, our partner countries, and the world as we lay this path toward a zero-emissions future,” CARB President Leanne Randolph said before the agency lights the law green.

The law can have a significant impact nationwide for several states Connect their environmental policies to CARB procedures. Washington and Massachusetts announced that they would choose the base, but the base faced opposition in Virginia, Colorado, and Minnesota.

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California government. NEWSOM Refers to the Executive Order to Increase Electricity Supply as Official Bases for Major Heat Waves

Meanwhile, California’s autonomous system operator, the state’s network operator, has repeatedly urged the population In recent days not charging their electric vehicles in an effort to conserve energy and reduce demand.

Granholm’s remarks represent the Biden administration’s latest push for explosive growth in electric cars. The administration has called for a rapid transition away from fossil fuels to prevent catastrophic climate change.

A bipartisan infrastructure bill was passed last year to create an electric vehicle infrastructure program and Inflation Reduction ActThe Democrats’ $739 billion climate and tax package that is not expected to reduce inflation provided a $7,500 tax credit for purchases of electric vehicles made in America. Biden has also personally traveled to automakers’ factories across the country in support of electric vehicle manufacturing.

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“Since taking office, we have implemented an industrial strategy to revitalize domestic manufacturing by creating well-paying American jobs, strengthening American supply chains, and supercharging industries of the future such as electric vehicles — and we see that strategy paying off day in and day out,” Biden said in March.

“Last year, I signed the Bipartisan Infrastructure Act to Build Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure and brought together the United Auto Workers and automakers in the White House to sign an executive order to obtain a 50% electric vehicle sales share in 2030,” he continued.

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