Brie Larson unsure how long Captain Marvel will be

Brie Larson at D23 Expo 2022.

Brie Larson at D23 Expo 2022.
picture: Jesse Grant/Getty Images for Disney (Getty Images)

Since starring as galactic superhero Captain Marvel in the first MCU movie focused on a female lead, Brie Larson They faced constant wrath from sexist Marvel fans and their fingers crossed on Twitter. Using the classic online tool of misogyny, this specific group of fans has bombarded review Captain Marvelangry at her cheeky Instagram postsThey dissected her to the point where she is read as overly invested in people who hate her. That’s too much for anyone to deal with, and Larson appears to have outgrown his internet trolls as revealed in an interview at D23 Expo last weekend.

talk with diverseThe room The actress was asked how long she expects to play Captain Marvel.

“I don’t know,” Larson said. “Does anyone want me to do that again?” Shrugged after her answer, the interviewer told Larson not to “be too modest” before she offered a more serious answer to his question.

“I don’t know,” Larson continued.

These comments can easily be interpreted as looking at Larson Marvel spoiler sniper Up in the sky, but with the stinging mountain she faced for the role, it wouldn’t be inconceivable that Larson wouldn’t have any long-term future plans to continue the character. It appears that some fans on Twitter saw the interview in the latest explanation, and tweeted offers of support for the actress and her role in the MCU.

“Hopefully a long time! I love her Captain Marvel,” Commented in response to the video. Another fan added“I, for example, would like to see more Brie Larson as Captain Marvel. The movie pisses me off with guilt and I think Larson is a very good fit for the role.”

Of course, we can expect to see it in the future marvelswho made Larson collaborate with Teona Paris (WandaVision) And the Mrs. MarvellIman Filani in the sequel to Nia DaCosta Captain Marvel. While at the D23 Expo, Larson and his crew revealed the first trailer for the space-focused film to the audience in attendance, angering us even. marvels Premiere next July.

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