Britton died mid-flight and the family had to remain with the body for several hours

Helen Rhodes died in her sleep on Friday, August 5, while traveling with her family between Hong Kong and the United Kingdom, “The Guardian” reports.

Helen Rhodes, a British midwife, died in her sleep on Friday, August 5, at the start of a flight from Hong Kong to the United Kingdom. Count again Guardian. According to the British newspaper, the victim’s body remained in his seat for “the remaining eight hours of the flight”.

Her two children and her husband were forced to stay with the lifeless body for more than eight hours before the plane finally made an emergency landing in Frankfurt.

A pot to support the family

Helen’s body remained in Germany while her husband Simon and two children, Emma and Nathan, returned to England.

The family had been based in Hong Kong for the past fifteen years and were about to return to the British Isles for the first time since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic.

A kitty started by Zayn JJ to support his family, friend of Helen Rhodes. The play moved across the United Kingdom and within hours, the equivalent of 27,000 euros had already been collected.

This money should be used for unexpected funeral expenses, especially repatriation expenses.

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