Bryce Harper appears to have shot Joe Girardi after sweeping the Velez for the first streak since the shooting

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The Phyllis He hit bottom last week, dropping to 21-30 on the season and sending off coach Joe Girardi. They are now 3-0 under interim manager Rob Thompson. Sunday win 7-9 Over the Angels It was a great comeback too. Velez was 5-0 down by one point and then trailing 6-2 heading to the bottom of the eighth inning.

Then Bryce Harper won a landslide victory in the Grand Slam.

The Angels will find a way to pick themselves up and reclaim the top spot at the top of the ninth, but in the bottom half, Velez was rookie Bryson Stott with a three-stroke shot. take a look:

It was the second time Stout’s side had lost a three-game career, while sending the Angles to their eleventh loss in a row.

After the match, Harper dropped a quote that could be interpreted as a shot across Girardi’s arc.

He said, “I’m so happy for (Stott), man. What an attitude. What an attitude. To be able to put our faith in our guys in the last few days, and really let them play.” And the Across Philadelphia Inquirer. “It was amazing. It paid off today.”

Here is more:

The last two days, I said, Bryce? nations. What happened there?

Prior to last Thursday, the Velez had a lot of trouble and putting all of those on Gerardi is ignorant and unfair. Acting like combing precisely in the aftermath of Girardi’s shooting Because Gerardi was kicked out a huge jump as well. There are ups and downs in baseball, as we all know.

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If the players at the club feel better about their chances for whatever reason, that reason is important. Baseball is a great mental game. As such, if someone were to argue that Harper’s comments were an undisguised shot at Gerardi and insinuated that they play better with him, I wouldn’t resist.

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