Buccaneer QB Tom Brady is heading into what he expects to be his final NFL season

Tom Brady said it plainly and clearly, in a way that made every middle-aged father shake his head:I have a lot of (expletive) going on.

It wasn’t an ordinary training camp, sure. The Buccaneers quarterback took a mysterious and controversial 11-day hiatus as tabloids openly discussed his private family life. As Tampa Bay prepares to take the field Sunday night Against the Cowboys in a highly anticipated game, and here’s where everything stands with Brady.

The 45-year-old is headed into what is expected to be his final NFL season, according to sources familiar with his thinking. He never said it publicly, but many parties involved admitted it after last year the retirement and then not retireThe end is coming. That is the concept, that this is the last year.

As for him 11 day layoverSources say Brady spent the greater part of it in the Bahamas at a private resort with his family, and is keeping a promise mid-retirement he made to his wife Gisele, that he will vacation with them in August for the first time in two years. contracts. During his time off, the Boss family left him alone to be with his family, in full respect. There have been no talks about football, the source said, and no playbooks have been mailed to the Bahamas. It was his personal situation, and they let him live.

He came back to go 6 of 8 for 44 yards (with one wide receiver drop) in Pre-season game against ponies.

“I think we all get old one day at a time,” Brady said. “We are all unsure whether we will be here next year or not, that is the reality for every player, every coach, every parent. You just never know. We should all take advantage of the opportunity we have.”

Only for the second time in his career, Brady was not under contract for the following season. The only other time Brady entered a season without being under contract for the next was in 2019, his last year in New England before. Departure to Tampa In free agency.

While a source close to Brady insisted that doesn’t matter – a contract will be drawn up if he returns – it is noteworthy. Brady will earn $30 million this year, including $15 million in his 2021 contract signing bonus. He received an outstanding $13.88 million bonus the day after he signed him. revised deal In April, he will earn $1.12 million in base salary. But no new years have been added to his current contract.

When asked if Brady will play for another team after this year, as he is a free agent, a source close to QB largely emphasized the affection Brady shows towards the Bucs, from players to coaches to front office to property.

Earlier in the summer, dolphins were convicted of manipulation for their dealings with Brady, with”Numerous and detailed discussionsWith Brady through Vice Chairman Bruce Bell. Brady was not disciplined.

As for Brady’s retirement, a source close to him warned that emotions are fluid and decisions can always come down to who holds the trophy at the end of the season or the feelings that revolve around whether or not that person is Brady.. This is possible.

However, it is more likely that Brady will be out this year and then heading to FOX Sports, where he is 10 years 375 million dollars An announcer/ambassador deal awaits.

Brady turned 45 on August 3, which is also significant. Brady has always said publicly and privately that he will play until the age of 45. Last year, his short retirement at 44 left a delicacy unanswered, which is why he pulled the plug a year earlier than planned.

After this year, it will be on schedule.

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