Bucha: A source said that the Russian forces discussed the killing of Ukrainian civilians in a radio broadcast that was intercepted by Germany


German foreign intelligence told a parliamentary committee on Wednesday that it had intercepted radio communications where… Russian Soldiers reported shooting at soldiers and civilians in UkraineA source familiar with the meeting said.

The source added that the briefing was the first item in Wednesday’s meeting.

Those intelligence findings – First mentioned by Der Spiegel – He appears to have implicated Russian forces in a pattern of war crimes apparently despite Moscow’s denials, most recently in the indiscriminate killing of civilians in the Kyiv suburb of Bucha.

Der Spiegel reported that Germany’s BND foreign intelligence agency had intercepted Russian radio conversations about Killing of civilians in Buchaand that some of the conversations could be directly linked to specific killings in Bucha that have been documented since news first emerged of an apparent massacre there.

German intelligence has satellite images that indicate the involvement of Russian forces in the murder of Bucha, The Washington Post reportedciting an unnamed intelligence official, though the newspaper said the radio broadcast had not been linked to this website.

News of the German intelligence assessment comes amid widespread international outrage over Bucha and a growing body of evidence implicating the Russian military in the indiscriminate killing of civilians in Ukraine.

A drone video was taken before March 10, the moment a . was captured person riding a bike Russian soldiers were shot dead on a street in Bucha. International media broadcast extensive images of the same street, where the bodies of at least 20 civilians were found after the Russian forces left the area.

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The German foreign intelligence office declined to comment and a German government spokesman declined to comment on the Der Spiegel report.

The objections of German forces are not the first audio evidence of Russian forces’ involvement in the killing of civilians.

On Tuesday, Ukraine’s Security Service released a series of intercepted audio recordings that it claims reveal Russians receiving orders to kill civilians.

In one of the alleged intercepts, a soldier identified what he described as a car carrying two civilians.

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