Bungie promised to finish jumping, no Fate 3 for long

Destiny 2 concept art shows Guardians celebrating in a parade in The Last City.

picture: bungee

Fate 2The most controversial practice no longer exists. Bungie confirmed during Show 2022 today No more stolen shooter content will be stored. This announcement comes after a lot of Fan Complaints In recent years huge portions of the game have been removed to make way for new expansions.

Starting with the 2020 edition of beyond the lightBungie has been “jumping” previous content, deleting entire campaigns and planets, to try to keep the game’s digital footprint and technical requirements within reason. But this also resulted in the loss of any semblance of an entry point for new players, as well as erasing some Fate 2best story beats (I’m looking at you forsaken).

We also worked on fate Drive behind the scenes, preparing our technology and game to last for many years to come because Fate 2 Don’t go anywhere nor your expansions,” Fate 2 General Manager, Justin Truman, said during the show on Tuesday. “We want this story since we first reached out to Darkness on the Moon to be fully playable from start to finish and we’re happy to announce today that we’re not planning to sunset further expansions.”

Destiny 2 devs on stage at the 2022 show promise not to finish any further content.

screenshot: Bunji / Kotaku

What Truman is saying is that Bungie wants a certain level of continuity between launches shade protection In 2019 and the conclusion of the saga of light and dark with the final form Sometime in the year 2024. This four-part arc is all about confronting darkness and its clients, and it’s as good a starting point as any for stopping pruning. In the meantime, it looks like seasonal content will continue to filter each year.

One clear takeaway from Truman’s little speech was that Destiny 3 is not coming anytime soon, if at all. Destiny launched back in 2014 with Activision as the publisher, a company notorious for the aggressive annualization of gaming sequels. Bungie broke from the Call of Duty maker in 2019However, it was acquired earlier this year by Sony. The launch of the PS5 and Xbox Series X was a natural hook for Fate 3but instead, Bungie released a new update for the new generation of Fate 2 at the end of 2020.

This makes the game in line with other big MMO games like world of cans And the the war, which iterates constantly rather than rebuilding from scratch every few years. And while it’s certainly more sustainable from a development standpoint, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t too disappointed. I would like to see fate Take some big risks and make some huge changes afterwards the final form Concludes. We’ll see if he can still manage this development on the current basis launched in 2017.

Of course, Truman only said that’s what Bungie was “planning” to do, and plans can always change, especially if technical limitations become too great in the future. fate I promised (and did) a lot of things over the years that I later reversed course. Hopefully the end of vaulting content isn’t one of them. And only time will tell if things that have already been denied will get a second chance at some point.

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