Bus driver unwell, Dillon 66 students at wheel with 13-year-old schoolboy hero

The facts happened Wednesday in Michigan.

It is also known as having reflexes and good vigor. A 13-year-old student, Dillon Reeves, took the wheel of his school bus Wednesday afternoon when the driver became ill.

The student was returning home from Carter Middle School in Warren. MichiganThe driver went missing along with 66 students. She warned on the radio that she was sick and was going to stop. She was then seized with a tremor and reportedly slumped over the steering wheel Dailymail.

A school bus driver carrying 66 children in Michigan suffered a medical emergency and became disabled. 13-year-old Dillon Reeves jumps to the rescue and stops the bus. (Video: WXYZ) pic.twitter.com/0WqsMHwJze

—Mike Sington (@mikesington) April 28, 2023

The bus was fortunately in a straight line and kept going until young Dillon took the wheel. He jumped up from his seat and threw his backpack to go forward. The boy braked and stopped the bus. He authoritatively asked his companions to call for help, as evidenced by bus control video.

None of the victims were hurt, but the laughter that can be heard in the video scared the youths away. Dillon, he shows a lot of poise for his young age. “He got up, assessed the situation and found the driver missing. It was an extraordinary act of bravery.”Superintendent Robert Livernois said.

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