“Ceasefire agreement approved, sent to negotiators, then Netanyahu gives in to pressure from Smodrich or others” (Kants)

Long interview on Friday on an Israeli channel KanBenny Gantz, a former war cabinet minister, gave a behind-the-scenes look at the October 7 decision-making process and his resignation: “For months, the campaign went without tension, we agreed on what we had to do. We acted in unison. And Israel’s interests were given absolute priority, over the hostages. Things are prioritized. He gets pressure – from Smodrich, maybe from others – to turn around, call them, delay again.

According to him, “the post-war debate in Gaza, Rafah, the transfer of forces to the north – everything was delayed for irrelevant reasons”: “I did not want to explode the situation, I did not throw up. A competition in the room several months ago, I tried to change things from the inside, but I said that the path was blocked. understood

He estimated that the war in the South would be even longer. “We’re going to continue for years,” he said. And the next day? “We don’t need to be there. I don’t want my children and your children walking around Gaza. We will take offensive actions if necessary, but we will not take the civilian aspect.”

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