Chaim Blum on Bogaerts, Pitching, Off-Season Extras

Red Sox baseball team president Chaim Blum spoke with Alex Speer of the Boston Globe (Twitter topic) and other reporters today in the winter meetings, where they outline his team’s overall plans for the rest of the season. Chris Martin And the Julie Rodriguez The additions represented Boston’s most notable touchdown yet, and Bloom said the Sox could add at least two more relievers to increase the speed of the game.

Overall, Bloom said the team wanted to add “Seven eight nine“players to”We build the team we want. This list includes three or four players in the position, plus at least one player who can bring in.The upside is leadership and consistencyTo turn, as well as roles.

On paper, it looks like the Red Sox are aiming to replicate what they’ve got first three seasons Under Bloom, which saw the club make a wide range of moves big and small to shake up the pecking order. This near-total overhaul added both regular players and sequels to the roster, generally focusing on acquiring veterans and controllable veterans on short-term contracts—with the major exception of Trevor’s storyand his six-year, $140 million deal from last March.

Bloom’s tactics drew mixed reactions at best from the Red Sox Nation, as the team’s last three seasons consisted of one trip to the ALCS (in 2021) and two last-place finishes (2020 and 2022) in the Middle East. Many of Bloom’s lesser-known moves have caught on, but many haven’t paid off either, and Boston’s relative lack of spending on big-ticket players has also drawn criticism given the team’s traditional approaches to the mass market. The Red Sox have remained at least a top 10-paid team over Bloom’s three seasons, and even crossed the luxury tax threshold last year, despite signing several of the team’s biggest outlays before Bloom joined the organization.

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Red Sox have it A little money Getting off the books this winter, of course, with Xander Bogaerts Being the club’s most prominent free agent. Reports from the weekend Shown that the Sox weren’t a core member of the Bogaerts market, and that the Red Sox hadn’t made it yet”Competitive offerto the shortstop.

Bloom disputed that speculation today, saying “We definitely proposed to him, we got engaged and we will still be engaged. Bogaerts remains a major priority for the Red Sox, though Bloom expects the shortstop to vet all of his options on his first trip to free agency.

Naturally, re-signing Bogaerts and solidifying the shortstop player position would have a major impact on Boston’s plans to reshape their mix of quality players. Bloom referred to that story or Enrique Hernandez He’ll likely take over at shortstop if Bogaerts departs, but if he stays, Storey will likely still be at second base and Hernandez can bounce around the diamond, possibly remaining primarily in center field.

The story and character of Hernandez’s Everyday Role-playing Somewhere, and Rafael Devers Covered third base f Alex Verdugo He will have regular employment at one or both of the two outposts. However, there is quite a bit of flow elsewhere around the diamonds and a little more opportunity for new faces to be added, depending on how much playing time the Red Sox want to give younger players like Triston CasasAnd the Garen Doranor Jeter Downs. For example, the Sox technically have a lot of starting/DH candidates in Casas, Bobby DalbeckAnd the Eric Hosmerbut the team is still Make a big push to sign Jose Abreu before Abreu decided to join the Astros.

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Abreu’s follow-up seems to indicate a greater willingness to spend on the front office side. Obviously, a very large contract would be necessary to re-sign and bring in Bogart Nathan Ivaldi Coming back is also likely to require a healthy commitment of several years. Bloom said that the current independent agents Eovaldi and Michael Washa Both are still possibilities while the team explores the merchandising market.

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