Comment from prominent liberal journalist Arun Ropar from Twitter

Twitter suspended the account of prominent liberal journalist Arun Ropar as well as CNN reporters, New York times And the Washington Post.

Robar, who has more than 788,000 followers, suspended his account the day after the Twitter suspension and then reinstated an account that followed the movements of the billionaire’s private jet.

“I have never posted anything related to Elon Jet or that might violate the sites disclosure policy. Unless the policy is that you criticize Elon Jet and get banned,” Robar told CNN’s Oliver Darcy.

It came on the same day that Twitter suspended the account of rival social media platform Mastodon.

Also suspended are CNN’s Donnie O’Sullivan and Drew Harwell of CNN Washington Post and Ryan Mack of New York times, All of them have covered Mr. Musk in recent months. Veteran journalist Keith Olbermann has also been suspended.

“Elon says he is a free speech advocate and bans journalists for exercising freedom of speech,” Harwell said to Darcy. “I think that calls into question his commitment.”

Robar’s comment came a day later Post a Substack article It was written by Noah Berlatsky and criticizes Musk with the title “Elon Musk’s Reactionary Populism”.

“It’s all about really hitting the Muhamasheen,” the article reads.

Robar served as an associate editor at Vox Media until 2021, and has been covering national politics as a freelance journalist ever since. He regularly covers right-wing politicians like Donald Trump, as well as Fox News and hosts like Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity.

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Musk, who reluctantly bought the San Francisco-based company for $44 billion in October, had previously tried to buy an aircraft tracking account.

His ElonJet suspension came weeks after he said he did not do so because of his “commitment to freedom of expression.”

“My commitment to freedom of expression extends even to not banning the account that follows my plane, even though this poses an immediate risk to personal safety,” he tweeted on November 6.

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