Court Approves Activision Blizzard Settlement of $18 Million

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US District Judge Dale Fisher approved an $18 million exemption settlement with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission today. This settlement comes months after Activision Blizzard originally agreed To settle with the EEOC on September 27, 2021. But those who try to hold the game publisher accountable I was divided over how much the win would be in the end For Activision Blizzard Victims “Little Boy” culture.

During the settlement hearing, an attorney acting on behalf of the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing (DFEH) argued that the EEOC’s request to proceed with the settlement violated the rights of states in its jurisdiction. He stated that the EEOC’s interference was due to the egregiousness of the Activision Blizzard violation and not due to normal legal process.

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) argued that the DFEH had months to make the federalist argument but chose instead to bring it up at the “eleventh hour.” DFEH has been accused of obstructing and delaying settlement proceedings while Activision Blizzard was cooperating with the federal government. The outraged judge reiterated that the DFEH’s argument was “at an inappropriate time” and that anyone who disagrees with the settlement can take it to the Ninth Circuit Court.

according to Washington PostThe settlement could prevent the DFEH, which is also pursuing legal action against Activision Blizzard, from seeking additional monetary damages. This means that the settlement could be a loss for both the DFEH case and victims of sexual harassment for the company because the state agency has historically been more aggressive than federal actions, such as those of the EEOC.

DFEH is Follow up on her lawsuit against the Call of duty Publisher, but EEOC settlement contains a paragraph which allows Activision Blizzard to remove allegations of sexual harassment from the files of the plaintiffs, blocking the DFEH trial. The settlement also allows the publisher to use unclaimed funds into its women’s charitable trusts. DFEH is wary that control of some of the funds could revert back to the company the settlement aims to penalize.

The original proceedings were suspended by the DFEH, which propose to intervene last October. However, this October file allowed the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) Reply with her own oppositionwhich claimed that DFEH’s lawyers experienced ethical violations.

Last October, telecom workers in America too object Against a possible settlement at that time with the EEOC. From a labor union point of view, $18 million (or $450 per claimant) is a drop in the Activision Blizzard bucket, which I paid 150 million dollars to its CEO Bobby Kotick in 2020. Indeed, leaving Activision Blizzard would give Kotick a return of 390 million dollars. Which is a colossal amount of money for the man who got a vote of no confidence from him 1200 employees.

The DFEH suit is Offline group On February 27, 2023.

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