Dan Lin won’t be the “Kevin Feige” of the DC superhero movies

Batman movie prop

Batman movie prop
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As it stands now, Warner Bros. Discovery CEO David Zaslav’s plan for the future of his new dual company has two main pillars: destroy HBO Max in a way that somehow makes money and spur DC superhero movies, so they’re at least a cohesive brand like Disney’s Marvel Cinematic Universe. (But, in a different way than Zack Snyder was doing.) Accomplishing the former means clicking on the many movies and TV shows on HBO Max and dragging them into the recycling bin, and accomplishing the latter—apparently—finding the Kevin Feige genre to play DC movies. Well, this puts permanently bat girl off the shelf, threatening the studio’s relationship with actors, creators, and fans…but somehow making money.

We heard that a few weeks ago He. SheAnd the Sherlock HolmesAnd the lego movie Producer Dan Lane was the top choice for Warner Bros. Discovery for Kevin Feige (or “capital chief”, or whatever job title they’d use), but for now diverse Says “Sources familiar with the situation” confirmed that Lin will not take the job. The report says he wanted Warner Bros. Discovery purchases a stake in Rideback, his production company, and allows him to continue working there and films Kevin Feige-ing the DC, but the parties were unable to agree terms and all “agreed to separate.”

diverse He says that WBD “has no immediate urgency for the job,” which seems uncharacteristically short-sighted for this company (which is ironic, by the way), but there aren’t a lot of current DC movies out there right now anyway. Walter Hamadeh, current president of DC Films, will continue until black Adam Coming out, at which point he’s supposed to be coming out of the Warner Bros. offices. Discovery while turning everyone around, and then he’ll be Warner Bros. studio director. Michael De Luca and Pamela Abdi are responsible for DC Films. They will oversee the release of the few films still on the calendar, such as Shazam! And the Aquaman The sequel, plus everything that will happen Sparkle And that blue ladybug The movie that is supposed to be still happening.

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