Danny Trejo Responds to Viral Video of Fourth of July Brawl

Even at 80, Danny Trejo is still hard to get a handle on. But that’s what one agitator tried to do after a Fourth of July event in Los Angeles last week. In a viral video, the actor was seen getting into a fight after a water balloon was thrown at his head while he was in a convertible. Now, Trejo is explaining the situation in more detail and expressing regret for his actions.

Talk to TMZDanny Trejo said: “I’m so sad that I acted this way… I’m so sad that grown men have to throw water balloons to enjoy their day.” He explained why he got out of the passenger seat and approached the crowd, adding: “I don’t think I would have gotten out of the car if someone hadn’t shouted, ‘It’s acid!’ At that moment I panicked. And as I got out of the car – boom! – a balloon hit me. Then I looked up and saw a man carrying [one]I went up. [and said,] “What the hell happened to you?”

The video shows Danny Trejo being beaten. One of Trejo’s friends said he believes the incident was intentionally targeted at the actor, which wouldn’t be surprising if someone was looking to make the incident about him.

But despite some unwanted attention, Danny Trejo remains strong, even taking criticism of the man’s ego. “They couldn’t hurt me. It was sad… I would have been embarrassed if I attacked an 80-year-old man who was still talking and laughing.” The cleaver doesn’t mess around!

This is Danny Trejo 80 years It’s still hard to wrap your head around it. But that hasn’t slowed him down at all, and he’s even expressed interest in remaking Machete for a third installment. Cleaver kills in spaceWhich, judging by his quick moves at the Fourth of July event, he’s still quite capable of doing.

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We hate to see an event turn violent in any way, and Danny Trejo – whose troubled past has been well documented – clearly feels the same way. So it’s good for him to acknowledge how he responded, showing that he’s still a role model for many within the community.

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