Denmark is in talks with Israeli Elbit to replace its French Caesars

After donating artillery to Ukraine, Denmark must quickly replace these pieces to ensure its contribution to NATO.

After declaring Donation to Ukraine With all 19 of its French-made Caesar guns, the Danish government has indicated that it is in talks with Israel’s Elbit to equip itself with new ones. Cannon mobile phone

The Danish Military Materiel Agency has begun negotiations with manufacturer Elbit Systems to soon deliver Atmos artillery pieces and pulse rocket launcher systems.“, announced the Danish Ministry of Defense on Thursday evening. According to the government, the equipment could be delivered in 2023.

Make up donations

Rocket launchers complement the new artillery systems because, firstly, artillery cannot be supplied quickly enough to meet the operational requirements of the defense.“, the Danish ministry noted.

Denmark ordered 15 long-range rifles from French group Nexter in 2017, then four more in 2019. But the delivery has been delayed and only a few copies have already been delivered. Denmark needs to change these areas quickly to ensure its contributionNATO.

Subsequent acquisitionsIt is important for Danish defense and for Denmark to fulfill its obligations with NATO“, argued Defense Minister Jacob Elleman-Jensen, quoted in the press release. “The donation to Ukraine leaves a critical capacity gap in security“, he underlined.

Danish media reports that French group Nexter has advised Denmark not to change suppliers, saying it can supply new guns.

Caesar is combat proven in Ukraine, Danish soldiers can use them and the parts are compatible with Danish defense computer systems. For these three reasons, it would be inappropriate for the ministry to purchase an Israeli system that does not meet any criteria.“The group’s spokesperson on public television, Dr.

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