Dennis Schroeder reacts to the Lakers’ deal with Rui Hachimura

Now that seemingly every NBA player has a podcast, Dennis Schroeder understands the inefficiency of the market: Sure, we could listen to a one-hour recording of him chatting with a co-host about how much fun he’s having this season, but it won’t. It will be interesting to watch him interact in real time with Kendrick Nunn is shipped to Washington, D.C. along with two second-round picks and a second-round pick swap Versus Rui Hachimura?

If the final clip of his broadcast is any indication, it’s a worthwhile endeavor, because this footage is absolutely gorgeous, and a must-see:

For those who can’t watch with the audio on, the clip begins with Dennis divulging the details of the deal from the comments section, which for the less inclined Gen Z among us, I understand is basically just Woj or Sun Alerts from his Twitch streams.

“What trade? Roy? Oh no. Absolutely not. Roy for Kendrick Nunn? Oh my God. I should text Roy. I should text Kendrick Nunn.”

After Dennis got up from his desk, we got a smooth jump to him already sitting in his chair, after which he said the following:

“This is crazy man. The NBA, it’s business. Crazy.”

Who needs post-game press conferences or gamer-hosted podcasts when you can get this kind of candid, unfiltered feedback on a coworker being banished to Washington Wizards in real time on Schroeder stream? Not me, that’s for sure. I will only visit Dennis Schroeder On Twitch for all my futures NBA News and analysis needs.

The only other thing I know? I will definitely help Dennis with 1 subscriber in his daily goal of 100 subscribers. At least, once I know how Twitch works.

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