Do you really want to switch outlets of Wind Awakened and Twilight Princess?

Photo: Nintendo

There is always a rumor about the Switch these days. When it’s not ‘new metroid‘, it’s ‘Switch Pro’; when it’s neither, it’s ‘Zelda remakes’. The latest rumor is that Nintendo Direct is focusing on Zelda portsAnd the Can Metroid, which means chances are high that it’s actually about the Switch Pro, right?

Now, we are very excited about the possibility of Wind Wicker And the Twilight Princess On the Switch, even as we go around Nintendo making it so difficult to play those games any other way, presumably (if the rumors are true) makes us pay full price for each one. repeatedly. We know we’re not alone either – the hype on social media is very real right now.

But we cannot be trusted. We’re all awesome Zelda here (obviously a prerequisite for employment) and welcome the opportunity to re-discover the devastating Hyrules while we wait. Breath of the Wild 2. But are we too indulgent in the face of Nintendo’s remakes? Are we tired of making fun of old things? Is it real in the first place? Your turn:

Tell us your general thoughts on all of these Zelda rumors in the comments below!

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