Easter weekend gone wrong: After following GPS signs, they get stuck between two walls

One weekend Easter Almost as a lover gone wrong.

This Saturday, a married couple went away for the weekend Asturias (Spain) He wanted to go to a restaurant. Like any good self-respecting tourist, it is GPS from their car trying to go for lunch in the areaOrens, Tell our colleagues from Europa Press.

The couple went to Orans for lunch.
Screenshot – Google Maps

Some stones

The couple then carefully followed the signs when the GPS decided to lead them to a dead end. They were stuck on a country road, behind Leroy Merlin’s store, between two walls: unable to move forward or backward, the driver suffering from a physical disability.

Around 4pm, the unfortunates contacted the Guardia Civil who, after spending a good hour removing some stones, cleared the way for them. And took them to their hotel. Where they can eat good food.

Liberan a una pareja asturiana que que que atrapada con su coch entre dos muros de un camino de orenz sequento el gbs https://t.co/jt6rEJd13n

— Europa Press (@europapress) April 9, 2023

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