El Salvador sends woman to prison after abortion

Thirty years in prison for losing a fetus. On Monday, May 9, Esme (first name changed) was sentenced when she was taken to the emergency room and had a miscarriage. According to the Citizen Collective for the Criminalization of Abortion, instead of receiving the attention he needed, he was reported to the police and charged with murder. Esme’s attorney, Carla Vacurano, announced that she would appeal against the court ruling, saying the prosecution’s allegations were biased and gender-neutral.

El Salvador is one of seven countries in the world (with Nicaragua, Honduras, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Suriname and Malta) completely banning abortion. A dozen women are currently in jail following maternity emergencies. They were accused of actually wanting to end their pregnancy. Like Maria Theresa Rivera, their sentences can sometimes reach forty years, just as they fled to Sweden and took refuge there.

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For seven years, there have been no new sentences. This is Esme’s first event during the decree of Naib Bukhale, the young leader who has been in power since 2019, and feminists expect a lot from him. During his campaign, the president pledged to support the abolition of abortion in the event of a pregnant woman’s death.

Broken promises of Naib Bukhale

A broken promise. In September 2021, he announced his decision to withdraw therapeutic abortion and same-sex marriage from the constitutional reform program. Nevertheless, the feminist and LGBT alliances were consulted by the ad hoc committee responsible for formulating the constitutional reform proposal. The country’s vice president, Felix Ulloa, the author of the speech, said that was the reason for Naib Puqel’s refusal to press. “The most powerful conservative denominations, especially the Catholic Church”. With regard to the harsh imprisonment of women, he acknowledged that El Salvador “Shame on you”.

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In December 2021, in a conciliatory gesture, Naib Phukele ordered the release of three of the seventeen women who had been severely convicted of gruesome murder. In January and February, two other women who had spent ten years in prison following a miscarriage were released.

“It simply came to our notice then (…) One foot [la lutte] As the IACHR points out, to put an end to the criminal activity of obstetric emergencies [Cour interaméricaine des droits humains], Issues that guarantee public health and women’s rights should be considered. ” Citizen Collective President Morena Herrera said.

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