Emmanuel Macron and Volodymyr Zelensky “discussed the measures to come in preparation for the summit for peace,” Elysée promised.

What is there to know?

The conversation was maintained. Presidents Volodymyr Zelensky and Emmanuel Macron held talks on Saturday, April 15 “Almost an hour and a half”assured the Ukrainian leader in a telegram. The results of President Macron’s recent visit to China were discussed., he noted. The head of state caused an outcry after his state visit to China by saying Europe should not automatically align itself with the US or Beijing in the event of a dispute over Taiwan. Then he said this “Friendship” Not necessarily the meaning of the United States “threshold”. His visit to China was dominated by discussions about the war in Ukraine, with Beijing being Moscow’s closest ally. “Both leaders discussed next steps to organize peace summit”, described the Élysée for his part. Follow our life.

Ukraine on the G7 menu. Diplomatic leaders of the G7 countries have been meeting since Sunday in the Japanese tourist town of Karuizawa for talks that promise to be dominated by China’s increasing pressure on Taiwan and the conflict in Ukraine. This will be the peak An opportunity for the Japanese host to emphasize his determination that the Russian invasion only emphasizes the need to redouble our vigilance in Asia.

11 people were killed in the attack on Sloviansk. The death toll from a Russian strike on a building in Sloviansk, eastern Ukraine, rose to 11 on Saturday, the day after the missile was fired, a spokesman for the service said on television.

The Russians advanced on Bagmouth. I amhe Russian military has claimed territorial gains in the northern and southern outskirts of Baghmut, the epicenter of fighting for months, and Moscow’s forces have been making slow advances. “Wagner’s assault units advanced successfully and captured two blocks on the northern and southern outskirts of the city”The Russian Defense Ministry said in a Telegram “Very Violent Fights” From the forehead.

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