Ethan Page wins the NXT Championship at Heatwave 2024

Main Event of Tonight’s NXT (Sunday, July 7, 2024) hot wave The premium live event at the Scotiabank Arena in Toronto, Ontario, Canada featured Trick Williams’ latest NXT Championship defense in a Fatal 4-Way featuring rookie Je’Von Evans, heavyweight Shawn Spears, and newcomer Ethan Page.

This was originally scheduled to be a singles match between Williams and Evans, but Page and Spears managed to make it to the match. However, it was clear who the star of this match was:

Yes, that’s him.

But he’s not the hero anymore.

It’s hard to believe how this happened.

Fatal four-way matches are always chaotic, simply because of the sheer number of wrestlers in the damn match, but this one was a great lesson in fast-paced wrestling. Evans, in particular, had a great match, flying all over the ring – and out of it – and doing a really great job.

It is considered:

It is considered:

Oh my god, really.

It was clear by the end of this match, if not already, that Evans is a special person and has a very bright future ahead of him, both in NXT and on the main roster.

But in the end, Williams hit a Trick Shot on Evans and then another on Page, who fell on top of Evans while Spears dragged Trick Willie out of the ring, leaving him unable to break up the fight. This gave Page his first NXT Championship.


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