Eurovision. Irregularities were pointed out during the counting of votes after the victory of Ukraine

Romania condemns abuse During Eurovision 2022. Roman public television DVR The Roman arbitral tribunal declared a referendum in favor of Moldova “Change” Saturday, May 14 at Eurovision a “Implicitly calculated pronoun”, According to reports, the country went to Ukraine, which won the match by 12 points European 1 .

Their points were awarded to Ukraine

“We were pleasantly surprised to find that voting was not a factor in the finals, with the organizers awarding another set of points to the contestants in the final.”Wrote DVR In a statement, the radio quoted. “We note that the Romanian arbitral tribunal has decided to award the maximum score to the representatives of Moldova.”.

To make decisions between competing countries, the arbitral tribunal consists of two parts: The arbitral tribunal of experts in each country gives multiple points from 1 to 12. This makes it possible to establish an initial ranking. It is the responsibility of the public to vote for their favorite song by invitation, text message or application. But professional jurors and the public cannot vote for their own country, he recalled vl Media . All the votes of the general public of the countries participating in Eurovision are added to the points of the national jury.

“Irregular voting systems”

The organization acknowledged that the rankings needed to be restructured because of vote-rigging. The votes of the arbitral tribunal of the six countries had to be recalculated, without specifying what they would be, or whether these abuses would have consequences in the final classification. BFM.

“After the second dress rehearsal of the second semi-final of Eurovision Song Contest 2022, some irregular voting systems have been identified in the analysis of the votes of the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) Pan-European Voting Partner Arbitration Council. Results of six countries”. The quoted press release says Evening . “In accordance with the voting procedures of the competition, the EBU, along with its voting partner, has calculated an overall alternative result for each country involved in both the second semi – final and the final. Other countries with similar votes”. The organization said.

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Ukraine ended up winning the tournament with the Kalush Band. The latter is more On Sunday he released a music video titled “Stefania” Destroyed by the war around Q, it allowed him to win the singing competition through video filmed in martyred cities.

The day after its release, this Monday, May 16th, the clip was viewed more than 6 million times on YouTube.

Russia withdrew on February 25, the day after the war began.

Eurovision. Irregularities were pointed out during the counting of votes after the victory of Ukraine

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